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Does your company need working capital?

Is your building in need of updates? Are you struggling to make payroll or need to re-invest in the business?

The solution could be easier than you think.

Hi, this is Terence Young of eFunder. If you own your business premises, a commercial mortgage could give you the working capital you need.

However, if you think your local bank, or any bank for that matter, is the best place for your financing needs, nothing could be further from the truth.

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The fact is most banks insist that everything has to fit into their specific credit box. That includes your credit score and the type of property you wish to refinance or secure a mortgage against. Also, banks usually insist a property has to be in great condition and it has to be almost fully occupied. Just when you’ve jumped through those hoops, they may require other collateral such as putting your personal home on the line.  Ouch!
eFunder Finds a Personalized Mortgage to Suit Your Specific Property and Needs

eFunder has helped numerous business clients because we don’t believe customers, or their properties should fit into a certain box. I thrive on flexibility and offer a wide range of financial options that far outweighs what traditional banks can offer. I have hundreds of lenders at my fingertips from private lenders to non-institutional and institutional lenders that most people would be unaware of.

A Word of Caution…

It can be thrilling to realize that you can find cash when you weren’t expecting it. And as well as commercial mortgages, eFunder also offers a wide range of business loans but we advise taking your time and getting your financial feet wet with us first. It’s tempting to want to borrow a lot of cash and completely transform your business all at once. However, we’re not going anywhere. We never advocate over-leveraging. Use your first loan to bring in extra cash flow and then if you want to come back to liberate more funds to grow your business further you know where we are and how the process works.

In Summary…

You don’t know what you don’t know. At eFinder our priority is to find you the money you didn’t know existed, either via a commercial mortgage or a business loan. In short, our business is funding your business, so let’s get to work.

I look forward to hearing from you!
(412) 444-8045(412) 444-8045
10989 Frankstown Rd. 
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
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